Success: Going From A Caterpillar To A Butterfly

Do you dream of being successful, wealthy and healthy and sometimes? You come back to reality and become despondent because you feel it will never happen,that it’s beyond your reach given your current circumstances?

It is important to realise that, just because things are not so good at the moment, does not mean they will never change. The current valley you find yourself should not be taken as your permanent destination or residence. You are quite capable of scaling the mountain to the top.

Once you realise that you have the capacity to reach your goals, the way you look at it changes. I use the caterpillar to the butterfly metamorphosis, which is very apt.

The caterpillar does not bother to wonder HOW it will become a butterfly. It just knows it will! The potential was always there. The process is not straightforward, as it will be growing inside its cocoon, which becomes too small and uncomfortable, so it will eventually have to bust loose.
This is a painful but necessary process as it emerges as a gorgeous butterfly.

The caterpillar had all the resources available and took action by breaking through the cocoon bit by bit, spreading his wings, emerging as the butterfly. The very same thing is available to every single one of us.

You have greatness inside you and the resources to do whatever you want is available to you, if you will only look around. Just dreaming about it, wishing and lying around on the couch will not make it happen. It requires you to break through your personal cocoon, whatever that may be, to achieve your goals.

Apathy and lethargy is far more dangerous than failure.They are a byproduct of fear: fear of taking a risk. Taking risks and failing is an important and unavoidable component of success.

There is a saying that goes “Success is falling down 7 times and getting up 8 times.”

Nothing is a failure until you stop. If you believe you have the capacity and ability, taking action in all the while, you are practically guaranteed success.
Failure occurs because you have taken some action. It indicates what hasn’t worked and has taken you one step closer to what will work.

With each failure, you get closer and closer to success, which becomes practically inevitable.

I look at challenges as a cocoon, something I need to get beyond to get to my goal, whatever that happens to be. There will most definitely obstacles on the way, but I will have my eye well beyond the cocoon and obstacles, and learning from the challenges I’ve encountered, so I don’t repeat it.

I was listening to a Joel Osteen sermon recently. He was relating someone’s autobiography and the author described like this:

Chapter 1. I was going down the road and fell into a deep hole. It took me quite a long time but I got out of it. It was not my fault.
Chapter 2. I was going down the road and fell into a deep hole. It took me quite a long time to get out of it but I did. It was my fault.
Chapter 3. I was going down the road and saw the deep hole, so I walked around the hole and continued my journey.
Chapter 4. I took a different road.

This encapsulates failing, taking responsibility and moving forward to a successful outcome.

Wishing you every success in your journey towards success.

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Are You An MLM Employee?

I got into Online or Internet Marketing through Network Marketing, otherwise called MLM.
MLM’s have got a bad rap, but if you look carefully, you can make a fantastic business out of this. There are hundreds of thousands of network companies out there with varying compensation plans and Terms of Service. You want to make sure, by doing your research, that the MLM company will be a good fit for what you want to achieve.

The very FIRST thing you should do is read your MLM Terms of Service. What are you allowed to do and what can’t you do?

At one end, your company may insist that all you do is sell their products. If you attempt to carve out your own niche by branding yourself and forming your own business empire, you will be in violation. This may be as simple as putting up your own website – it is viewed as competition with the company branded website provided to you. Here, you are really just an MLM Employee.

At the other end, your company may be confident enough to understand why you would want to brand yourself and it views you as a partner. If you are well branded, the company benefits and knows it. They are confident that their products and your network are a great fit.
They know that people buy from people, so are quite happy for you to build your network that way. Companies that operate this way are much less common and are my favourite types.

If your company is one of those that ties you exclusively to them, in reality, you are an employee. You may become a highly paid employee, but this is not what being a business person or entrepreneur is about.

IF you are a business person, you want to be able to seek out AND act on opportunities as you come across them. Being barred from pursuing such opportunities takes you back to being employed and having your employer telling you what you can and cannot do. Ouch!

As a business person, you should be making business decisions.
Do you want to be a highly paid employee or do you want to build your own business empire, incorporating opportunities as they come along? If you really are a business person, your abilities should take you well beyond current income levels, no matter how high, of any one MLM company, and you will be in complete control of YOUR Empire.

Being limited in the way you build your business will definitely put a crimp in your empire, the price of which may not be apparent until it is maybe too late.

As in most things, I like to diversify. I just don’t like all my eggs in one basket! How about looking at income streams from various sources? This could be real estate, investments, a retail business and online businesses. Within the MLM niche, you have the opportunity to belong to the health and wellness niche, the make money niche, travel, food and beverages, information products, consumer services etc.
Selecting just one and nothing else in the whole online business arena to my mind is short-sighted and fraught with danger. You had better watch that basket of eggs very, very, carefully!

When looking at your network (your “list”), you must realise that those on your list also are on other people’s lists. There is so much cross-pollination, it is unavoidable. It’s called free choice!

Sally could be getting her diet products from one marketer and her spa products from someone else. If you only provide diet products, she does not have the opportunity to get her spa products from you! You and Sally would have been better off if she could get both the products she wanted from you. If you have the opportunity to do so, and don’t, you’ll be remiss in not providing Sally those options to meet her needs. She may continue to get her diet products from you, or look for someone else who provides both.

If you offer your what they want, why should it matter that they belonged to someone else’s list, which they will anyway? People will stay with you because they like and trust you and you offer is of value to them. Sally, and others like her on your list will depart fairly quickly if you haven’t satisfied their needs, even if they like and trust you.

Once people join your list, it is in BOTH your interests to keep them happy. It is far simpler and cheaper to continue marketing to people already on your list than it is to offer the same things to someone new to you.

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to give them a range of products and services to suit their needs?
It would be rather shortsighted to think that all they will need would be the single product or service that you have to offer.

As a network marketer, you want to have a variety to offer to your clients. One of these is a FUNDED PROPOSAL. This is a great way for them to earn something as they start ramping up their MLM business and are still not earning much in the way of commissions and/or it’s taking a while.
One thing you can be sure of is that they will look elsewhere and even leave if you do not have alternatives to offer them.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if you are are in synch with your list? That they really, really really like and trust you, and are eagerly awaiting what you have to offer next, knowing that you have taken the time to satisfy their want’s and needs?
I think so.

======> Here is my funded proposal of choice. Scale it up to suit you!

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Why Are You STILL Broke?

If you have not been getting the results you expect to get after working pretty hard for a few years, WHY NOT?

It is simply foolish to keep on going down a path that does not serve you. You’re just hoping that somehow, you will get to the right destination, but I’m here to tell you that won’t happen.
All that will happen is that you go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole into more misery.

It takes courage to admit that the road you are on is not working, and then to seek help and advice to either get on the correct road and take a detour or start all over again.

When you hit those roadblocks and don’t seem to be getting anywhere, it is time to re-examine the plan you made – assuming you actually made one, and are not simply winging it.
**Time to re-examine your plan with a microscope and get expert advice**
You may actually be on the right path, broadly speaking, but need to cross to the other side of the road!

Think of getting a boost by having a coach or a mentor to get you where you want to go quicker. It’s pretty much the fastest way to reach your goal.

Studies have shown that even within the work situation, those who get mentored have an upgrade in salary. The best results are always when you are willing to be taught or mentored. It does not have to be that hard or expensive either.

Look around, there would usually be someone more successful or experienced than you within the organization or workplace, from whom you can learn.

Such people are eager to share – all you’ve got to do is ASK! For your part, before you take a mentor on board, make sure that they fit their actions to their words. In other words, they actually do what they say they do.

A very important side benefit to mentoring that a lot of people are not aware of is that, by their involvement in the mentoring process, they get even better. They are learning even more and continually improving, so a truly successful person will be eager to mentor – they want to get even better!

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Enjoy Your Work – And Build Generational Wealth

Are you one of those that complain about your worK? That tells me a couple of things:
1. You don’t enjoy what you do.
2. You are unhappy!

It is a fallacy to think that you will can be successful and not work in some way.
When you talk to successful people, you will find that the actually work very hard.
The trick is – they enjoy what they are doing, it does not feel like work.
Enthusiasm and adrenaline for what they do makes it feel effortless.

Until you get to the point of doing work you enjoy, it is a good idea to find something you enjoy in what you do currently. You can continue to look out for the opportunity to work at something you actually enjoy.

If you are so unhappy that you complain about your work all the time, that carries itself with you, so it should be no surprise that you may not get that new job you were after!
The general tendency is that if you are perceived as being a whiner in one place, you will continue to do so. Nobody wants that kind of person working with or for them.

Do your very best in whatever work you are in at the moment, in the expectation that you will continue doing your best wherever you go next. Why do you think that people who are in one job find it easier to get another one compared to those who are out of a job?

Where you want to be is working on your own terms.

The general feeling is that if you are in a job, you must be offering some value and your potential employers can find out more by tapping your references. I’m sure you know how difficult it is to get a job when you are unemployed – either by direct experience or because it’s happened to people you know. It really is that much harder.
I think if people had realized how hard it would be, they would have had tried to make a better go of the current job while looking for better opportunities.

By the time they have accumulated become successful, though those with a wealth mindset now focus on building for the future, leaving a legacy. This includes generational wealth: wealth that will last for generations to come.

Just look at the truly wealthy: Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Oprah. There comes a point in time when there is little point in another buying yet another car or jet or the “bling” of the moment. You can only have so many of those. Once the future of your loved ones is assured, the wealthy turn their efforts to leaving something that will be of value to a larger audience. A legacy.

What will your legacy be?
I am presupposing that you intend to be successful and wealthy and to do this requires that you will continue working and love doing so.
It is the only way to build generational wealth.


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Do You Have Time For Success?

That question should not sound as odd as it appears.
If you are on a path to success, it does mean putting in the effort and time to get there!
It isn’t something you do in your “spare” time, though it may be something you do part-time.
You may love watching golf on TV, but Tiger Woods did not get to where he is by watching the tube.
Strategic planning and action is what matters, not the actual amount of time, beyond a certain point.

If you are still using that spare-time mentality to build your business, I have to tell you, you are not heading anywhere. I can tell you are putting all your comforts ahead of your goals. You’ve subconsciously decided that success is not as important to you.

I am using TV as an example to bring how you use your time to your awareness. Replace it with any recreational activity, especially if you spend a lot of time on it, and are still building your business. It could be going to movies frequently, going to watch various sports, being at bars after work most days of the week and probably most of the weekend.
OK, maybe not quite that much, but you get my drift.

These are success diversions.


Have you placed a value on your time? It does have a value, you know.

It’s not that hard to do. Start with how much you earn every month, divide that into 4 – that’s how much you make per week.
Then divide that into 5, so you get your daily income. If you work 8 hours a day, divide that figure now by 8. That is your hourly value.

Let’s put that into figures. Lets say you earn $38,400 per year. That $3,200 per month, so you earn $800 per week and $160 per day. For an 8 hr day, you earn $20 per hour. Do you really want to spend $20 for every hour you watch TV, without the prospect of more coming in? That is as simple as tossing money in the trash.

Do you realise that watching TV or going to the pub is costing you up to 3 months (24/7!) of your time every single year? In the example above, on an annual income of $38,400, you’ve spent $9,600 watching TV. Yikes!

Think what you could have invested that into, and, with leverage, made a hefty investment in yourself and your business. Care to do a rethink on the “importance” of TV (or whatever diversion is your flavour) in your life?


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Leader…. or Servant-Leader?

Has anyone called you a Servant-Leader? What would you feel about it if they did?
No-one has ever called me that, though I daresay if they did, I would wonder why they felt the need to qualify it that way.


You keep hearing it all over the place – but not from people calling someone else a servant-leader, but by people who fancy themselves as leaders!
Doesn’t that tell you something?

It tells me that there is something missing, and they want to reassure me that they are servants, all the while wanting to crack me over the head with a leadership bat.
If they have to do that, I’m not interested!

Leaders are people I admire and respect – they have done something to earn it, and I am happy to give them that title without qualifying it.
They did not feel it necessary to call themselves leaders either: they just did what they do best, and there it is!

Service is inherent in Leadership!
You should not have to spell it out to anyone. If you provide service and value, as well as a mutual respect, your leadership qualities will be recognized.

I should hope that you are not doing the things you do just so you can be called a leader. When you operate that way, it moves further away from you – people simply don’t buy in to that vision you wish to impose on them – it is inauthentic!


A leader is…. check out this great quote by Jack Welch:

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

It is evident that a leader is not concerned with themselves, but others.
Concerned with helping other people to grow, to become successful.

Successful people are Leaders. Become the leader you were meant to be:

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Education In The 21st Century – Successful?

I came across a post on Facebook today, and was about to share it on my page.
I started writing, and as it was getting rather long (what’s new, eh?), I converted it to my blog post so I could expand on my thoughts.

I wish I knew this young lad! The video is obviously provocative, and if it gets us thinking, he has done his job.

You don’t have to agree, but you should have a well-thought out opinion OF YOUR OWN.
Watch the video here:


Suli Breaks is a spoken artist in the UK, talking about examinations in the formal education system in this essay called “I Will Not Let An Exam Result Determine My Fate”.
Exam results are supposed to be the final score sheet of what you learnt (crammed?) over the x years you were in the institution. Hmmmmm… pun intended!

How can final exams (yes, I know there is continuous assessment etc, but those final exams still count for plenty in todays world. Fail them, and you are seen as less educated and valuable than the person who was on top form on the day of the exam.

My sister was ill on the day of her final exams -she had measles or chickenpox -can’t quite remember which. And yes, she had been vaccinated for both when she was young! She had to take those exams while in bed at the University sick bay (that’s what they call small bed unit to treat you in Britain).

She was monitored by her very own invigilator as well.

She was well on track to getting a first-class degree, and still did better than all the other students in her class. She did not have the strength to finish the gruelling paper in the time allotted, and asked for just a bit of extra time to complete it.

DENIED! And with it, a first-class degree!

My feelings are that we are still using an old education model: meant to groom people for the traditional job factory of the 20th century, but that model has not developed to cope with the unique challenges of the 21st century, and may, in fact, be failing a large number of our children and grandchildren.

There is no “safe” job anymore: outsourcing and globalization, as well as the internet has put a nail in that particular coffin.

Students are assuming large college debts on the promise of a fat salary at the end when they get a job, but there are no jobs at the end of it.
Even when they get a job, it takes decades to pay off their loans, and continues to be a large feature of their financial futures for a long time. What a way to start off your career – so deep in debt, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

One thing that has become apparent is that great exam results do not equate to great skills or even ability. The practical component is not as strong as it could be – apprenticeships have largely given way to university degrees, just because it looks good on paper and can (actually, make that “used to”) get a better job.

There are now too many young people with perfectly respectable degrees without a job or possibility of one that will get them started and pay their bills. They are scrounging around for any job that will at least keep them occupied – and continue to be debt-laden.
You now have to have a degree – from places almost nobody has heard of, in subjects I can’t even think up as a joke.

 Wouldn’t it be far better to engage them to think creatively whilst they were within the formal education system, and give them the tools to thrive in the 21st century marketplace?

Without a doubt, I think this should include business studies – the practical how-to’s to get started. Young people can now take command of their own futures, and it won’t be necessary to spend 3,5 or 7+ years in the educational system.

Having your own business makes you independent. To succeed, you will have to be continually learning, so the education goal is achieved, just in a more organic and empowering manner.

I should know – I was educated from the fruits of my entrepreneurial mother, and she by her father (who owned his own factory) before her.
I am simply following in those footsteps – nothing better!

Leave me a comment below with your thoughts. Love to have them!

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Rippln Is The Business Of The Future.

Why Rippln is the Business of the Future.

Why it burst on the scene and gone viral in a very short time.
Why this is something you want to pay attention to – it is that important!

What is this all about?

Here is some basic information that underpins it:
As Facebook members, WE (you and I) grew it to over a billion members!
I just got on the FB thing a few months ago. I pay them to get adequate exposure.
Have you been paid to grow it?  I haven’t.

My answer is “no” – what’s yours? Each person on Facebook is worth about $90 and NONE of that is coming to me or you. Instead, I pay them, and I’ll bet you do too!

Those first 100 Harvard students who received a Facebook invite 9 years ago are now EACH responsible for over 10 MILLION Facebook members.
Imagine if they had been paid for their ripple effect? Imagine of you are paid for YOUR ripple effect?

Better still, imagine if you were in at the start AND paid for your ripple effect?

Rippln is the business of the future: the platform designed for YOU! It had you in mind. A bit like Steve Jobs and Apple developing the iPhone before anyone really felt they needed it. Shazam! Same deal here – get it?

To make things even sweeter, you have GAMIFICATION! That is basically using games to engage people and solve problems. In this age of short attention spans and people glued to their smartphones and apps, mostly game apps, why not use it to engage people in solving problems or doing something in a uniquely absorbing way – something they would otherwise not do?

And what do you think happens when you combine Gamification apps with Social Media? It goes VIRAL! Together with an amazing system of compensation, it goes to the stratosphere!

That’s what it’s been about recently for me – I got introduced by a trusted direct inside source – a real industry insider and co-founder, Jonathan Budd, and yours truly jumped right in straight away! It’s a no-brainer, according to several of my gaming peeps, who have already hopped on board! The potential is HUGE and because of gamification, simple and fun!

They and I could all see that Rippln IS the business of the Future. And it’s here already. So what do we do? You’d better believe it – we went about growing our ripples IMMEDIATELY! We want to build a real, sustainable legacy with this, where you have direct access to your network.

The Rippln model and gamification will be used in all aspects of education – that IS the future.
It will be used for helping people through traditionally difficult problems, and in the workplace for more engagement and efficiency. This is just the very start of a monumental shift.

It is so important and life-changing, I’ve been working hard (I don’t want you to miss out!) to give YOU1 the opportunity to be in at the start and get properly positioned.

Think of this: Rippln is here now – why not be there at the very start, just like you would have liked to for Facebook?
What will this mean to you? How will it change your life?

The great news – right now, it is FREE to join, and has a business opportunity attached to it – see, I said I was looking out for you in every way – you just can’t lose!

Here is a video you want to check out straight away.

Just by the viral nature of the platform, sharing apps, products, services and information with your network as you stay in touch (which you already do anyway) you’ll grow your circle, called a ripple. And……you can use it to grow your other businesses at the same time! Now did you REALLY get how huge that is? How Rippln could massively improve your success?

It is still in pre-launch, and already has over 1.2 million people signed up in just over 90 days. And waiting – to be in on the commerce. To do that, you’d want to uplevel to become a Player.
Why not start forming your own ripple before the launch date and monetization, which is just around the corner?

*****The smartest way to get in is to head over HERE and join this minute!

No fuss or funny invite codes required. It takes you 2 clicks and less than 1 minute and you are in. The world of opportunity just opened up for you to come in.

I am looking out for you! GAME ON!!

Like, Share and COMMENT! I love hearing from you.

Rippln IS The Business of the Future!




The Money Is In The List!

You’ve decided to start an online business – how hard can it be?
You pick a niche become an affiliate marketer as you don’t have your own product, and thing are SLOW!
Your wheels are spinning and you’re not sure how to move forward – there are sooo many suggestions.
Let’s get to the BASICS….

You want to offer a product to your clients (leads) that solves a problem!

Simple, right? If it was that simple or even common sense, everyone would be successful, but they are not! So how do you go about that?

YOU NEED A LIST! That is…. a list of people who are likely to be interested in what you have to market. No point in marketing to the whole world – it’s the surest way to the poorhouse!


It would be like throwing spaghetti across the room to a wall – there is very little chance of anything sticking to that wall. Now, if your spaghetti was well cooked instead of al dente, has a lot of sauce on it, and you take a handful and put it against the wall for a decent amount of time, you’ll have much more on the wall!

How fast can you build a list? I’ll take you through short, medium and long term strategies.

Long term: With social media on the rise, there are a lot of social media methods to interact with your target audience: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Pintrest etc. A lot of it can be free or relatively low cost, but realise that it takes time to build your list using these methods and be patient, consistent and persistent.

Medium term: You can write a blog, concentrating on your niche. This also takes some time to build a list, as do videos, writing articles and SEO. It is a great idea to write a blog – people get to know you through your articles and, very very importantly, you brand yourself. You want to be a true business person and owner, not an employee.

Short term: Fast list building is done mainly through solo ads. These are emails sent to someone else’s list. Hopefully, they are intrigued enough to sign up to your list. It is scaleable, trackable and fairly precise, more so than all the other methods.

You now see how the various list building methods fit together and what you can pick. More than one method is advisable – don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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Living Successfully With The Golden Rule

The golden rule is nothing new – in it’s broadest sense, it says to treat others as you wish to be treated.
What comes out of that is if you do that, it will make them, and by extension, you – HAPPY!

Don’t you notice that when you treat people nicely, they tend to do the same?
They reciprocate. It’s built into our DNA! And you also feel good about yourself, you feel that you are a nice person when you do good things for/to someone else: it builds self-confidence.
Hint: this is a nice short-cut to being self-confident: Be nice to others!

The Golden rule can be found in some form or the other in practically all religions and belief systems, as well as cultures. It is what keeps communities together.

How would you put this into practise? Here are a few suggestions. As you go through them, some are centred on you, but if you centre on what the other person likes, you will reap even more benefits.

1. Offer your time to help others. Why do you think elderly volunteers are a happy bunch compared to their age group who stay put at home? By helping others, they get to talk, share a smile and stay active at the same time.

2. Be a great listener – you have one mouth and 2 eyes – use them in proportion, and you’d be amazed at what a great person and friend you are. Remember how you feel when someone really listens to you, instead of patiently waiting for a gap to take over the conversation?

3. Be a great friend – which means you care for the other person and what they want, not what you feel they should have. Even if you differ in opinion, you will find a way to share that with them in kindness, rather than knocking them over the head with it.


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