Enjoy Your Work – And Build Generational Wealth

Are you one of those that complain about your worK? That tells me a couple of things:
1. You don’t enjoy what you do.
2. You are unhappy!

It is a fallacy to think that you will can be successful and not work in some way.
When you talk to successful people, you will find that the actually work very hard.
The trick is – they enjoy what they are doing, it does not feel like work.
Enthusiasm and adrenaline for what they do makes it feel effortless.

Until you get to the point of doing work you enjoy, it is a good idea to find something you enjoy in what you do currently. You can continue to look out for the opportunity to work at something you actually enjoy.

If you are so unhappy that you complain about your work all the time, that carries itself with you, so it should be no surprise that you may not get that new job you were after!
The general tendency is that if you are perceived as being a whiner in one place, you will continue to do so. Nobody wants that kind of person working with or for them.

Do your very best in whatever work you are in at the moment, in the expectation that you will continue doing your best wherever you go next. Why do you think that people who are in one job find it easier to get another one compared to those who are out of a job?

Where you want to be is working on your own terms.

The general feeling is that if you are in a job, you must be offering some value and your potential employers can find out more by tapping your references. I’m sure you know how difficult it is to get a job when you are unemployed – either by direct experience or because it’s happened to people you know. It really is that much harder.
I think if people had realized how hard it would be, they would have had tried to make a better go of the current job while looking for better opportunities.

By the time they have accumulated become successful, though those with a wealth mindset now focus on building for the future, leaving a legacy. This includes generational wealth: wealth that will last for generations to come.

Just look at the truly wealthy: Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Oprah. There comes a point in time when there is little point in another buying yet another car or jet or the “bling” of the moment. You can only have so many of those. Once the future of your loved ones is assured, the wealthy turn their efforts to leaving something that will be of value to a larger audience. A legacy.

What will your legacy be?
I am presupposing that you intend to be successful and wealthy and to do this requires that you will continue working and love doing so.
It is the only way to build generational wealth.


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