Why Are You STILL Broke?

If you have not been getting the results you expect to get after working pretty hard for a few years, WHY NOT?

It is simply foolish to keep on going down a path that does not serve you. You’re just hoping that somehow, you will get to the right destination, but I’m here to tell you that won’t happen.
All that will happen is that you go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole into more misery.

It takes courage to admit that the road you are on is not working, and then to seek help and advice to either get on the correct road and take a detour or start all over again.

When you hit those roadblocks and don’t seem to be getting anywhere, it is time to re-examine the plan you made – assuming you actually made one, and are not simply winging it.
**Time to re-examine your plan with a microscope and get expert advice**
You may actually be on the right path, broadly speaking, but need to cross to the other side of the road!

Think of getting a boost by having a coach or a mentor to get you where you want to go quicker. It’s pretty much the fastest way to reach your goal.

Studies have shown that even within the work situation, those who get mentored have an upgrade in salary. The best results are always when you are willing to be taught or mentored. It does not have to be that hard or expensive either.

Look around, there would usually be someone more successful or experienced than you within the organization or workplace, from whom you can learn.

Such people are eager to share – all you’ve got to do is ASK! For your part, before you take a mentor on board, make sure that they fit their actions to their words. In other words, they actually do what they say they do.

A very important side benefit to mentoring that a lot of people are not aware of is that, by their involvement in the mentoring process, they get even better. They are learning even more and continually improving, so a truly successful person will be eager to mentor – they want to get even better!

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