Where Can You Find The PERFECT Answer?

I’m talking about finding answers to those really large challenges. In the past, I have wanted to know the perfect answer to some major problem , and hoped it would be handed to me. Kinda divine inspiration.

It’s as if getting that answer will magically get the clouds to part and life will be perfect. I wish!
In the last so many years, wishing is where I leave that thought almost immediately, and so should you.

We live in a nano-second culture – we want everything right this moment, and feel that there must be a (magic?) solution to solve everything. It does feel like a let-down when things take longer, and we have the tendency to blame everyone and everything that was even just remotely linked to the problem we want answers to.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”
~ Voltaire

The right question:

Ask the right questions, not focussing on the answers. If the questions are not well constructed, the answers are worse than useless – they are mmisleading and timewastimng.

An example of a bad question is asking a smoker – Why do you smoke?
Let’s look at a better question – What would your life be like if you did not smoke?

The Perfect Answer

Do you see that the good question has more of a stimulus for the smoker to consider WHY they smoke and the effects it has on their life? If it’s a habit they want to stop, they are more engaged with the solution. The result of a bad question is like getting to the top of the ladder and finding it is leaning against the wrong building!

Answers are nowhere near as important as the (right) questions.

Once you ask the right questions, get going on working on the solution – knowing YOU can find the resources you need, people, things, systems will all come as you continue to take that step towards finding the answer. It certainly is NOT going to be handed to you on a silver platter.

Once you are aware that you have the power to create your life and solve your own problems, you’ll have the PERFECT ANSWER!


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You’ve Got A Boss – Deal With It!

Can you function without the direct supervision of a boss?
Do you take responsibility for EVERYTHING you do?

Whatever we do, most of us are accountable to someone or to a group of people.
This can be a regular boss (if you are in the workforce) but it also means anyone you are accountable to.

I don’t have a boss….

Yes, you do! At least, most of us do. Consider it as the person(s) to whom you are accountable. It’s not a bad thing – in fact, let’s turn this around and say it is a good idea to be accountable.
It’s the how it plays out that is the important thing here.

If your boss has to ride on your tail to get you to do things and meet deadlines – you aren’t taking responsibility for your actions and will probably be unhappy. No surprise there.

On the other hand, if you take the initiative and get things done, you are likely to have more satisfaction at what you do, and your boss just oversees to see that things are on course, but generally leaves you to it.

The price of greatness is responsibility.
~ Winston Churchill

As an entrepreneur, you NEED to be able to take responsibility for your actions and the outcomes. There will be failures – they are inevitable. It’s how you deal with them that moves you on to success.
Anyone who can’t take responsibility for their failures will almost certainly not be successful on the long run.

Taking responsibility is the mark of a leader. It is also the road to freedom!

The happiest people in the world are those who feel absolutely terrific about themselves, and this is the natural outgrowth of accepting total responsibility for every part of their life.
~ Brian Tracy


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Ask Your Way To Success!

There is a general tendency not to ask as many questions as we probably should.
That comes from a fear of rejection., fear that the answer is a NO.

I’m asking you to take a step back and consider the advantages.

How do we learn?

By asking questions of course. As humans, we are hard-wired to solve problems, so when you are given a challenge, we find a means to solve it.
Look at children: they’re asking questions a mile a minute, adding to their experiences and memory bank and progressing at a relatively accelerated rate. If we want to progress quickly, we could do well to take a leaf out of that book and do the same. Continue to learn by asking questions!

Benefits of asking questions.

If you want to live a productive life, it is pretty much imperative that you are a life-long learner. And that you do by asking questions.

* By asking questions, you put yourself in the best space to solve problems. It gets your creative juices flowing.

* The feedback you get improves your memory bank – no early dementia for you. You need to keep that brain working – use it or lose it applies just as much to your brain.

* The answers you get may open up new perspectives you wouldn’t have come up with, and provide better solutions. Think brainstorming! There is a reason it is used at all levels – IT WORKS!

* Another mostly unrecognized benefit is that it provides a bond between you and whoever you asked the question of. You have a common goal to find the answer and it makes the person feel valued. You are unlikely to ask a question from someone if you would not value their answer.

* Another secret: In a sales situation, asking questions puts you in control? If you are doing all the answering, your client is in control – ouch!

What not to do!

Just because you asked a question and got an answer does not absolve you of your own responsibility to make sure that it fits with what you want. Once you recognize that and do your research, you can ask a whole slew of questions from a variety of people, get a good spectrum of opinions, THEN make a decision based on what YOU think is best.

The final say is your responsibility.


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Buried Alive By Student Loans

The statistics are wild! In developed countries, the ROI (return on investment) on student loans is in the negative.
There are millions of people today in most developed countries, buried alive by student loans, with absolutely no idea of how they will pay it off. The awful reality is, when they do, it may be up to a couple of decades later!


Imagine what that does to the psyche. You spend all that money and time getting an education, expecting a decent job at the end of it – only to find that, if you are one of the lucky few, it pays you well below what you thought you’d be getting.

You now end up struggling, living paycheck to pay check, taking out even more debt – payday loans, credit card, store card debt etc., with no end in sight.
I’m pretty sure that is not what you had in mind when you took on those student loans and embarked on the education you thought was going to have a pot of gold – OK, a decent job, at the end of it.

Time to wake up and plan. Be strategic!
Yes, you want and education, but as in all things, make sure it delivers what you want!

Go out and get an education that will lead you to something decent. Something with enough $$$ at the end of it to justify the expense of your money and time.

Not just on a 1:1 basis – that is a poor trade, but on a something that will bring you many times what you put into it, in a reasonable period of time. Reasonable in my book is 2- 5 years. This is how to use the power of leverage.

If you did not go to a formal apprenticeship or trade school, in which case, when you come out of it you are ready to rock; consider the years you spend in college/university after high school as preparation for when you get out in the real world.

This is when you hone the things you learnt in the classroom with practice, and become really good at it. This is where you really become skilled. At the end of 5 years, you ought to have achieved sufficient mastery of whatever you chose to do.

If you are a student – be smart! instead of spending all that time in the bars or parties, you can spend some of that time developing your own online business.
The great thing is – startup costs are low!

For a couple of hours a day (less when you’ve got it on a good footing), you can develop a great source of incomewhich could pay your college fees, leave you debt-free at the end, and even have some extra cash in your pocket to allow you some leeway and more choices.

Isn’t that a much better plan for your education?

There are a lot of options and I am pretty sure I can find one to suit you.
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Success, Long Life And Spirituality

I told you I was on a roll!
Here I share the last part of my thoughts on a quality long life.

Genes and the environment you live in are important facets that affect your health, but don’t neglect or belittle the effect YOU have on your health.

You have a 66% chance of trouncing your genes!
Powerful if you use it wisely!!



What can you contribute to your own quality health and long life?

Let’s break that down into 3 parts.

1. Physical – Nutrition and Exercise and other health and wellness practices. Check out my previous post with some great and practical things to help you.

2. Mental – Use that brain! A habit of lifelong learning will serve you extremely well. Be mentally agile and take those challenges! You’ll be better off just by the mere act of taking them.


3. Spiritual – This will generally keep you upbeat and hopeful, expecting great things. That does not mean you abdicate action and thoughts to your higher power – you accept responsibility for your actions, at the same time, you recognise it is not all about you. Everything does not revolve around you and you are accountable to your higher power. For me, that is God.

What it all comes down to is that you can’t have a really successful life if you aren’t healthy. You simply can’t enjoy it, in which case, it isn’t successful.
Success is not just about money – it’s a whole lot more. You want to enjoy your life, connect with people, be significant and relevant to at least some people.


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Health, Longevity And Success.

Today, I’m adding to our last conversation on health and long life.
The 3 major components of great health are 1.Nutrition and diet, 2. Exercise and 3. A positive mental attitude.

I’m not talking about long life for the sake of it, but living a long life to do all the things you want to do.
To spend all the time you want with your loved ones, to travel to all the places you want, and to contribute and develop projects near and dear to you.

If you want all these, you’d better be healthy or you won’t be able to do a fraction of what you want to do if you are beset with ill-health.

Have you heard the one about the dentist who says “You don’t have to floss all your teeth – just the ones you want to keep.” Which teeth do you want to keep? What parts of your body to you want to be healthy?

Being healthy becomes the most important thing in your life if you don’t have it. It stops you in your tracks and could completely derail you if severe enough. Why wait till that happens?

There are some things you can’t prevent, but you will deal with them as they come up, but there are also a lot of things you can work on to live an optimal healthy life.

Yes, there are always the 90 yr old smoker someone points at, who is alive and well; and there is also the woman who never smoked dying young.
But what are the odds of that happening?
Why not stack the odds in your favour?

It actually is not difficult – you do the things that keep you healthy till they become habits and a part of your normal life.

After I have a great exercise session, I feel like I can take on the world – great feeling!
I’ve got loads of things I do and want to continue doing.

Think of your health and body like a precious instrument or car.
If you don’t maintain your car or tune your piano, it soon falls apart and does not function the way it should to get the results you want.

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”
~ Herophilus

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The Secret To Long Life

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.  ~ Buddha

Do you recall how you feel when you are ill? Completely out of sorts and can’t do as much as you would like? If your general health is not that good, that is what happens. It slows you down and it’s unlikely you are able to achieve your full potential.

It is very important to achieve and maintain great health – that comes with healthy practices. Like everything else, if you do something often enough, it becomes a habit.

When I’m asked about what I do, I usually say that I have good genes, but that is not the entire story, otherwise everyone in my family would be like me. In the last few years, it has taken work on my part, because I know my genes are only a small part of the health story.

What do you do to maintain good health? Have you made them habits?
Share your habits with me – I’d love to hear what you do!


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Goals & Action Steps To Get There

We are coming to the 1/2 year mark of 2013 – its gone by so fast! If you are like millions – probably more like billions, you made some resolutions for the year on December 31.

For starters, I am not a believer in New Year resolutions – why would you think that you can simply flick a switch on an arbitrary date to completely change things around, when you have done nothing about it so far?


If you had a goal to make, say $200,000 for the year, if you are on track, have you made $100,000 yet? If not, then something is not right. Along with setting goals is the planning, then doing.

It is setting reviews to see if you are on track, as well as early warning to show if you have strayed off course. If you don’t have some milestones along the way, you won’t know you have gone down the wrong path until so far down the line, it is torture to turn back and re-do it in a way that will get you to your goal.

The sooner you know you are off-course, the sooner you can correct things and the sooner you can reach that goal!


Creating Goals is free! However, most of what we call goals are really just dreams.

We don’t do anything about it beyond it being a fleeting thought – a kind of “that would be nice”.
It stays there – a wisp that floats away with the next thought – ” what’s for dinner?”, “how am I going to pay the minimum on the credit card bill that’s due tomorrow?” or “where am I going to get the energy to finish the project for my boss in 2 hours?”.

NEWSFLASH! Copywriting is something that everyone in the marketing field needs to do – and well – sending out compelling letters to your list, your customers. This is not a talent, it is a skill. It can be learned, just like anything else, and in my quest to bring things to you that will help in your success journey, I am kicking off my training series with an interview with a kick-a$$ copywriter. You can’t afford to miss this – it’ll put more “zing” into your copy.
Head over HERE to answer just 3 questions to help in setting this series up.
See you on the inside!


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Building Your Network & Social Media

As an online marketer, you quickly come to realize that the key aspects of your business are your list and the relationship you have with them.

Look at it this way: you may have a wonderful, kick-ass product, but if you don’t have an buyers for it, you won’t sell diddly.

Your buyers can’t be any and everyone: You want to sell to people who want and need your product.

The advent of social media has made it much easier to form a relationship with your list, and this is where you, as an online marketer can really build a large network.

You can use it along with other list building activities such as blogging, a website and marketing (a lot of social media is monetized, which is where they get their revenues). It is fairly easy to integrate two or more into your activities.


Yes, you may be able to sell ice to Eskimos, as the saying goes, but it would be so much easier to sell warm clothing to them.

OK, you now sell warm clothing, so you have this brilliant idea and head to the North Pole and open up shop. But nobody comes! Yet, you notice the population has new warm clothing flown in, and you are right there and nobody is buying from you. What happened?

Well, a mail order company has a strong relationship with the locals, and over a period of time, they had grown to know what the company offered, they liked the service they were getting as the company was responsive and had some great offers, and trust built up over time.

History counts for a lot! You, on the other hand, as a Johnny-come-lately, had none.

As a smart marketer, your job is to identify and focus on people who want what you have to offer, get them on a list and form a relationship with them. You do this by communicating with them. Most will not buy from you on first contact, but over time, they become more comfortable with you and when they decide finally to buy, will prefer to do so from you.
Bingo! You’ve done it. Rinse and repeat.


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Traffic, Leads and Sales

If you are in online marketing, you need to understand the difference between traffic and leads.
And how those leads become customers, which is where you get paid!

If you are a store in the mall, you definitely want to be in a location with lots of people shopping there – traffic. You are in the wrong place if it’s a deserted strip mall!

You want a decent percentage of the traffic actually coming into your store, which will only happen if you are offering something that may interest them. You’re better off with a greater percentage of the traffic becoming leads, than a large amount of traffic but only a very small percentage becoming leads.

I’d rather have 30% of 100 people than 3% of 1000 people.

By the time you are inside a store, you are a lead – the store has something you want, so you actually went through the doorway into the store.
It is now the store’s job to present something that attracts you enough for you to take out your credit card to buy it – a compelling offer! You are now a customer of that store.

Note: for women, we do not need to have set out to buy it, but if you have something that MAY interest me, by the time you present it in your store, I may just find themselves going from wanting it, to needing it, and then actually buying it – Bingo!

If you like the store, you’ll sign up for their card and their email list, so they continue sending you offers of things that you’d like.
To manage this huge email list, they use an autoresponder.
This allows them to send you emails (newsletters) so you get to know them better. Regular communication forms a bond – you like them, and over time, develop a level of trust in what they offer.
At this point, you are more likely to buy from that particular store than from another one selling the same thing but you aren’t on their customer list.

As a marketer, you want to do the same thing! Traffic is just the start – you do want to place yourself where there is a lot of traffic. Better still, traffic that is looking for what you have to offer, so you can convert a higher percentage into leads.

You now collect their contact details and put their names in an auto responder.

You now have leads.

You can now communicate with your leads and showcase your offerings. Yes, some leads buy straight away, but quite a few will take their time, so you continue to communicate with them! That is the only way you will develop a RELATIONSHIP! Realise: its all about the relationship you develop, which allows them to know, like and trust you enough to buy what you have to offer.

Newsflash! Be sure to offer something that your customers actually want! Something of real value and is a no-brainer, both in price and purpose.


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