Traffic, Leads and Sales

If you are in online marketing, you need to understand the difference between traffic and leads.
And how those leads become customers, which is where you get paid!

If you are a store in the mall, you definitely want to be in a location with lots of people shopping there – traffic. You are in the wrong place if it’s a deserted strip mall!

You want a decent percentage of the traffic actually coming into your store, which will only happen if you are offering something that may interest them. You’re better off with a greater percentage of the traffic becoming leads, than a large amount of traffic but only a very small percentage becoming leads.

I’d rather have 30% of 100 people than 3% of 1000 people.

By the time you are inside a store, you are a lead – the store has something you want, so you actually went through the doorway into the store.
It is now the store’s job to present something that attracts you enough for you to take out your credit card to buy it – a compelling offer! You are now a customer of that store.

Note: for women, we do not need to have set out to buy it, but if you have something that MAY interest me, by the time you present it in your store, I may just find themselves going from wanting it, to needing it, and then actually buying it – Bingo!

If you like the store, you’ll sign up for their card and their email list, so they continue sending you offers of things that you’d like.
To manage this huge email list, they use an autoresponder.
This allows them to send you emails (newsletters) so you get to know them better. Regular communication forms a bond – you like them, and over time, develop a level of trust in what they offer.
At this point, you are more likely to buy from that particular store than from another one selling the same thing but you aren’t on their customer list.

As a marketer, you want to do the same thing! Traffic is just the start – you do want to place yourself where there is a lot of traffic. Better still, traffic that is looking for what you have to offer, so you can convert a higher percentage into leads.

You now collect their contact details and put their names in an auto responder.

You now have leads.

You can now communicate with your leads and showcase your offerings. Yes, some leads buy straight away, but quite a few will take their time, so you continue to communicate with them! That is the only way you will develop a RELATIONSHIP! Realise: its all about the relationship you develop, which allows them to know, like and trust you enough to buy what you have to offer.

Newsflash! Be sure to offer something that your customers actually want! Something of real value and is a no-brainer, both in price and purpose.


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