Building Your Network & Social Media

As an online marketer, you quickly come to realize that the key aspects of your business are your list and the relationship you have with them.

Look at it this way: you may have a wonderful, kick-ass product, but if you don’t have an buyers for it, you won’t sell diddly.

Your buyers can’t be any and everyone: You want to sell to people who want and need your product.

The advent of social media has made it much easier to form a relationship with your list, and this is where you, as an online marketer can really build a large network.

You can use it along with other list building activities such as blogging, a website and marketing (a lot of social media is monetized, which is where they get their revenues). It is fairly easy to integrate two or more into your activities.


Yes, you may be able to sell ice to Eskimos, as the saying goes, but it would be so much easier to sell warm clothing to them.

OK, you now sell warm clothing, so you have this brilliant idea and head to the North Pole and open up shop. But nobody comes! Yet, you notice the population has new warm clothing flown in, and you are right there and nobody is buying from you. What happened?

Well, a mail order company has a strong relationship with the locals, and over a period of time, they had grown to know what the company offered, they liked the service they were getting as the company was responsive and had some great offers, and trust built up over time.

History counts for a lot! You, on the other hand, as a Johnny-come-lately, had none.

As a smart marketer, your job is to identify and focus on people who want what you have to offer, get them on a list and form a relationship with them. You do this by communicating with them. Most will not buy from you on first contact, but over time, they become more comfortable with you and when they decide finally to buy, will prefer to do so from you.
Bingo! You’ve done it. Rinse and repeat.


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