Success: Going From A Caterpillar To A Butterfly

Do you dream of being successful, wealthy and healthy and sometimes? You come back to reality and become despondent because you feel it will never happen,that it’s beyond your reach given your current circumstances?

It is important to realise that, just because things are not so good at the moment, does not mean they will never change. The current valley you find yourself should not be taken as your permanent destination or residence. You are quite capable of scaling the mountain to the top.

Once you realise that you have the capacity to reach your goals, the way you look at it changes. I use the caterpillar to the butterfly metamorphosis, which is very apt.

The caterpillar does not bother to wonder HOW it will become a butterfly. It just knows it will! The potential was always there. The process is not straightforward, as it will be growing inside its cocoon, which becomes too small and uncomfortable, so it will eventually have to bust loose.
This is a painful but necessary process as it emerges as a gorgeous butterfly.

The caterpillar had all the resources available and took action by breaking through the cocoon bit by bit, spreading his wings, emerging as the butterfly. The very same thing is available to every single one of us.

You have greatness inside you and the resources to do whatever you want is available to you, if you will only look around. Just dreaming about it, wishing and lying around on the couch will not make it happen. It requires you to break through your personal cocoon, whatever that may be, to achieve your goals.

Apathy and lethargy is far more dangerous than failure.They are a byproduct of fear: fear of taking a risk. Taking risks and failing is an important and unavoidable component of success.

There is a saying that goes “Success is falling down 7 times and getting up 8 times.”

Nothing is a failure until you stop. If you believe you have the capacity and ability, taking action in all the while, you are practically guaranteed success.
Failure occurs because you have taken some action. It indicates what hasn’t worked and has taken you one step closer to what will work.

With each failure, you get closer and closer to success, which becomes practically inevitable.

I look at challenges as a cocoon, something I need to get beyond to get to my goal, whatever that happens to be. There will most definitely obstacles on the way, but I will have my eye well beyond the cocoon and obstacles, and learning from the challenges I’ve encountered, so I don’t repeat it.

I was listening to a Joel Osteen sermon recently. He was relating someone’s autobiography and the author described like this:

Chapter 1. I was going down the road and fell into a deep hole. It took me quite a long time but I got out of it. It was not my fault.
Chapter 2. I was going down the road and fell into a deep hole. It took me quite a long time to get out of it but I did. It was my fault.
Chapter 3. I was going down the road and saw the deep hole, so I walked around the hole and continued my journey.
Chapter 4. I took a different road.

This encapsulates failing, taking responsibility and moving forward to a successful outcome.

Wishing you every success in your journey towards success.

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