Your Mindset And Success

How do you think of Success?
Is it something that is so far out of you reach, it is unfathomable?
Or… do you see yourself as successful – the rest of the world has just not caught up to it?

Most people who are not yet successful discount or actually ignore mindset. They want to get to the heart of what they feel they need to do – the nuts and bolts. In the online world, we get concerned with copywriting, capture pages, content submission and syndication, backlinks, auto-responders and whatever else one feels they need to add to the already long list of technical stuff they just have to master.

And when you talk to successful people, they will tell you that even more important than all that stuff is your mindset.
I know this from personal experience, as well as my readings and talking to other successful people. Some may have enjoyed a modicum of success, but it was grinding. They became truly successful when they addressed their mindset – they got out of a competitive and scarcity mindset into one of personal excellence, service and abundance, as well as gratitude for what they have in the now, all the while taking action towards their goals.

You discover you are not running a hundred miles a minute on the same spot – you are striding purposefully towards your goal – you know you will reach it, it’s just a matter of time!
Your success will take as long as it needs to – as long as you are taking action towards it.
In the meantime, see yourself as the successful person you already are.


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