Living Successfully With The Golden Rule

The golden rule is nothing new – in it’s broadest sense, it says to treat others as you wish to be treated.
What comes out of that is if you do that, it will make them, and by extension, you – HAPPY!

Don’t you notice that when you treat people nicely, they tend to do the same?
They reciprocate. It’s built into our DNA! And you also feel good about yourself, you feel that you are a nice person when you do good things for/to someone else: it builds self-confidence.
Hint: this is a nice short-cut to being self-confident: Be nice to others!

The Golden rule can be found in some form or the other in practically all religions and belief systems, as well as cultures. It is what keeps communities together.

How would you put this into practise? Here are a few suggestions. As you go through them, some are centred on you, but if you centre on what the other person likes, you will reap even more benefits.

1. Offer your time to help others. Why do you think elderly volunteers are a happy bunch compared to their age group who stay put at home? By helping others, they get to talk, share a smile and stay active at the same time.

2. Be a great listener – you have one mouth and 2 eyes – use them in proportion, and you’d be amazed at what a great person and friend you are. Remember how you feel when someone really listens to you, instead of patiently waiting for a gap to take over the conversation?

3. Be a great friend – which means you care for the other person and what they want, not what you feel they should have. Even if you differ in opinion, you will find a way to share that with them in kindness, rather than knocking them over the head with it.


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