You Can’t Go It ALONE!

There is absolutely no way you can go it alone. Whatever you do, you require – actually, you NEED – other people to help you.
This is especially true in business, which is made of of alliances, otherwise you will end up as the lawyer, accountant, cleaner, salesperson, website developer, office manager, all at the same time.

As each area is specialized, you cannot possibly be a master at everything. And if you do want to be successful, you need the help of people who are masters of their fields.
This requires you forming networks and alliances to bring in the requisite skills. The sum of those people and their skills is far greater than the individual parts – at its core, it is the power of a mastermind. There is great strength in partnerships, if you choose your partners carefully.

Be open to what you can offer a network or group of people, and you’ll be surprised at the quality of the people you attract. It goes back to providing value – if what you have to offer is valuable, it would be natural for the other person or group to offer you something of the same or greater approximate value in return. They would love to be associated with you, and there are many people willing to do so,, if you keep an open mind and attitude.


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