What To Outsource?

Last week, we were visiting the subject of outsourcing. By now, you’ll realize it is a vital form of LEVERAGE for your business, and ALL successful people use it.

You simply can’t do everything yourself. Assuming you tried, you’ll probably quit from overload and frustration. The smart person will figure out what they need to do themselves and what to outsource.


What not to outsource.

The key item never to outsource is your Intellectual Property or any valuable asset. The content and concepts that makes your business unique is usually closely tied to you initially. In a small business arena, you want to lead the strategic thinking and innovations yourself – do not outsource that leadership!

Now that you know what not to outsource – What to Outsource?

Anything else on your list & not included above, that can be done cheaper and/or faster by someone else. That may include bookkeeping, IT work, repurposed products, such as transcribing a video or webinar, website design and landing page creation. Staggering your posts on different social media sites. Basic research for some articles, software or apps to support your business (as long as it is not the key driver!)

First things first – look at your to-do list. Can it be made shorter if someone helps out? Are there things someone can help you with that is not really worth the time you spend on it, or they are better at it than you’ll ever be?

Success loves Speed. The sooner you can roll out your product, the sooner you’ll get paid! Spending 2 years to get it perfect, when someone else got it out within 6 months has killed your market for you, then you’ll be too far behind to gain the necessary traction to be successful.

What To Outsource

Look at things that people outside your team can do more effectively and less expensively and stop doing tasks below your pay-grade.
As a leader, don’t micromanage. For example, I outsource all the techy bits and number crunching stuff that would have taken me ages, and frankly, I’m not great at. This frees up time for me to spend coming up with ideas & content that is unique and valuable to my subscribers.
And, since I’m not under a deadline all the time from the multitude of things I could be doing, I’m more relaxed and creative.

What would you outsource to give you free reign to deliver all those wonderful ideas to your subscribers and clients? Make that list today and start working towards getting that taken care of, so you can grow your business exponentially!

If you’re just staring out, look for and plan to have certain part of your business outsourced, so you can grow faster and become profitable even faster than if you did it all yourself.
Doing it yourself is not a badge of honour if it takes you out of really delivering what your business is meant to be doing.

Don’t deprive your clients of your services because you got taken out by being overloaded, when there was help out there all along!

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