Quotes of the Week!

I’m just back from a conference in Chicago – got in late last night! You know how I believe in attending as many events as you can possibly manage. It gives you such energy, you meet new and old friends, get great ideas, any of which could really turbo-charge things for you.

That’s pretty much the same with this compilation of quotes of the week. They are there to help you have your own mini event. It allows you to create space and time for reflection and reenergizing. 


Quotes of the Week 12

This one is HUGE – whatever you want, you’ll get as a side benefit of actually genuinely helping others. Worth really thinking about. Know how good it feels when you help someone out? Find ways to multiply that in your own unique way and you’ll be fine.


“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”
~ Napoleon Hill


“People who are really good at making excuses are really bad at making money.”
~ Dan Kennedy


Quotes of the Week 12


Here it is again – same theme we started the week with, put a slightly different way.
Get the message?  My wish for you is to build a strong future. Spend the time and figure out which if your gifts is best suited to helping others. Then go for it! Drop me a line here or on Facebook with what you figure out.
Good Luck!

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