Build Your Confidence: Be Competent

Confidence is one of those things you absolutely must have – to gain respect, to become successful and to have control of your life and destiny.
How do you go about building self confidence? The video today gives you some practical confidence tips to get you going, especially in a pinch.

I discuss something which is called the Confidence/Competence Loop. This basically infers that, to become more confident, you have to become more competent in whatever it is you do.
Fear is the enemy of confidence, and can take you down faster than you can say “Jack Robinson”.

When you start learning to drive, you are fearful of having an accident, and feel that you can never master it – so many things to get right at the same time, especially if you are driving a stick shift car, changing gears and clutching.
Your initial drives are shaky and slow. As you take more lessons, what happens? Hopefully you answered that you got better, and maybe even fancied yourself as a race-car driver! I know I did – I loved the freedom of it all, and controlling all that horsepower was a skill I gravitated to – almost an art! At that point, I was driving on my own, passed my test and driving long distances and at night. I had become a great driver – and with it, I was confident of my driving skills.
It is pretty much the same for anything out there. The more competent you are, and in different areas, the more confident you feel! You can become competent at parallel parking your car, speaking a foreign language, cooking, playing the guitar, writing great copy etc. The aggregate of your competencies produces a synergistic effect in your confidence overall. Pretty powerful stuff.

You develop a can-do attitude, even when you are starting something from scratch. You’re no longer put off, as you know things will get better with practice till you master it.
Action takes over from the fear of failure, and leads you towards competence and confidence.


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