What Makes A Successful Online Marketer?

This is such a popular question, and no wonder! With the huge amount  of information out there, it is often difficult to figure out what actually works, not to talk of what works best  FOR YOU!

You know the old saying: Knowledge  is Power? Not quite true. You have so much information at your fingertips – a simple search will yield millions of results in nanoseconds. And you are going to read through a minute fraction of all that? I don’t think so!

It is what you do with the knowledge that is important – you want the knowledge to solve a problem, the more targeted the answer, the better.

Like everyone else, you and I have only 24 hours in a day, every day. One of the most important determinants of our success is HOW we use that time! 

What Makes A Successful Online Marketer?


 What do you need, to be a successful online marketer?

* Do you have a plan? You need a well defined one – there are several ways to go about it .
My new favourite is the W’s
– it’s so simple!

* Are you focussed on the activities that bring your highest value, or do you give in to distractions – oh another few minutes on FB or answering emails turns into 45 mins, and you have an important deadline looming that will provide important income or contacts? DO NOT mistake activity for productivity. 

What Makes A Successful Online Marketer?

This past weekend, I was at an event and got talking to Kyle Graham of 10 minute pages (wow product, by the way!) We all have access to lots of tools – what matters is how we use them! He gave a 3 part talk: the core of it was to have a plan and FOCUS! That’s it!
Once he put that into practise, he had a x25 boost in income!!! If you ever get a chance to see him or talk to him, it may change your thinking and life.

So, watch out – I’m even more focussed. Things that do not have a direct impact on my goals are OUT! At leaset for now. When I get to my goal, I may bring them in later, but for now, it’s one thing at a time. I want to have a clean slate and do what I need to do.

As I mentioned in the video, I am committed to helping you get the best out of running your online business, to get there faster and easier than I did.

Drop me a line here or on  Facebook and let me know how we can make this happen for you.