Are You Productive Or Just Busy?

Your results will tell you whether you are productive or just busy.  

Here are a few questions for you:
* Are you so busy but not seeing the results you expect?
* Do you know the difference in the type of activities you are engaged in? The true value of each activity in relation to your business?
* Are you really busy doing things that matter to your business or are all those activities just filling in the time but getting you nowhere?

It’s great to know how to code HTML for your website, but if it’s taking away the time you would be spending on writing great content for your list, that is in the “Just Busy” bucket. You are doing something – just not the right something.


Time for the acid test! If you feel you are busy, giving it all you’ve got, it should be pretty clear that you are not engaged in the right activities that are necessary for the results you desire and expect. If you’re engaged in the right activities, you’ll be getting great results!

How to determine if you are  really Productive or Just Busy.

Remember the SMART concept for your business? One of the key indicators is that it needs to be measurable.
The actual quote I referred to in the video goes along the lines of what cannot be measured cannot be managed.
I use the word plan simply because, if you have a plan, you can manage it.  With your plan in place, you know pretty quickly whether you deviating off course, if  you’re staying the course, or even better still, if  you’re beating your indicators. How cool is that!

 Activity vs Results


Once you have  a plan, you now have a way to measure the progress in your business, and you know have a real business. Your activities can then be tailored to ensure you get the results you have in your plan.

Don’t fall into the trap of doing things that take up your time but lead nowhere. It may make you feel better because you can say your are doing something, but it really is undermining your plan, so you don’t produce the results you desire. That is a complete waste of your time, time better spent doing something else, maybe even totally unrelated to your business. At least you are not counting it as time working on your business.


Activity vs Results


From our discussion, it should be obvious that to be productive and get the results you want, you need to be focused and disciplined.
If you get distracted by small activities which keep you busy but not in the direction you know you should be going, why would you be surprised when you don’t get the results you want?

It’s time to have a plan: be disciplined and follow the plan and you will definitely see results. You can then monitor and tweak your plan to get even better results.

If you are an online marketer, I hope you have a system. The system is your master plan from which you can get results.
When you are busy working on your business, aim to be productive!

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