Free Marketing For Your Business

I share today how you can get free marketing for your business. You may be thinking of customer service in terms of large companies with a separate department you interact with when you have an issue you want someone to deal with.

That’s a given, but you also have customers and clients in your home business, and it is a hugely important part of it.


If you have products or service to market – yours or an affiliate – are you… accessible to your team? Do you help them solve the issues that bother them and may be hindering their progress? Do you communicate with them on a regular basis? All those examples are the customer service aspect of your home business.

Once you get that your business, particularly if you are a network marketer, is all about people, then great customer service becomes a no-brainer. You want to ensure your team gets all the help they need to soar and prosper – after all, you can only truly prosper if they do too!

Free Marketing for your business!

Do you know what your customers really want? To be listened to, treated nicely (with respect) and fix the problem! That’s it!

So when you have interactions with a less than happy client, LISTEN! Then do your best to solve the problem.

It may not be completely fixed, but your client will appreciate the effort, and come back. More importantly, that client will recommend you to all their friends – who needs marketing if you have great customer relations (joke of course, but you get my drift)

Free Marketing For Your Business

Learn from the great marketers – Dan Kennedy, one of the best information marketers around, has a very liberal returns policy.
You can return the product in the specified time for no reason other than you want to return it.
You can say it is the wrong colour and doesn’t match your eyes, the cat hated the title – whatever. You will get your money back. The result – very low return rates. The people who return (and there are always those who abuse the system) are not welcome to purchase future products.

Free Marketing for your BusinessBy having such an open returns policy, as a customer, you instinctively feel that Dan is trustworthy and confident in his product and the quality of the product must be high, or he wouldn’t have such a policy.

As humans, we are hard-wired to reciprocate that trust in us with his offer of a no quibble guarantee, so most are unlikely to abuse it.


Great Customer Service = Free Marketing for your Business

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