Marketing and Human Behaviour!

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Marketing should not be confused with purely sales, neither is it an assembly of various tactics aimed at persuading your prospect to purchase something (anything!!!) from you.

Let’s go to the very beginning. At the core of our interactions as humans are emotions and feelings. These will always play into whatever we do and how we interact with each other. Marketing can be boiled down to the processes enabling an exchange of value between people or groups. If I focus on helping people to solve their problems and/or get what they want, I find that I will usually obtain what I want: at the very least, something of value. My core offering is service. I would not want to find myself persuading some friend or anyone else to buy something just because I will make a profit, especially when it is of no use or benefit to them.My main aim is to find out what their issues or challenges are and see if I can help address them. This is done with an open mind, so I may not get a tangible reward out of it, though I would probably get the satisfaction of helping someone.

Generally, we are more likely to make a purchase from people we like, know and trust. if any of those components are missing, our options are: 1. Return the items if possible. 2. Stop further purchases. 3 Communicate our displeasure or lack of satisfaction directly to the agent or anyone who will listen (disastrous!) including through various media and most especially to our friends. It is far easier and cheaper to sell something to an already satisfied customer than it is to a completely new one. People with referral based businesses are far more successful than those will concentrate on getting new customers through their doors. They tend to compete solely on price, their customer service is shoddy, and it all collapses soon. It is fairly obvious that the better model is to concentrate on the value and service offered to your customers. It is free advertising! How often have you found yourself, having had a great meal at your local restaurant, watched a great movie like I did the other day (The Intouchables -French movie with subtitles – a must see!) or returning to the same store or car dealership, simply because you got such great service from them? You had other possibilities, some of which where more easily accessible, but you had already formed a relationship with this store or a dealership. When I go to my local business supply centre, I usually seek out the nice young man who has helped me with various purchases, and will often wait until he is available. If you think like that and offer the same level of satisfaction to your clients, you will be successful.

It is important to have an abundance mindset. You are not in competition with anyone else but yourself, so raise your game! There is enough for everyone – there are 7 billion people and counting on the planet and you are only aiming to solve the problems of a minuscule percentage. Focus on that and do it very well. It is in doing it well that you distinguish yourself from everyone else. This does not mean doing your best, it means doing what you have to do as long as it is legal, ethical and moral.

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    You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart. “What power has law where only money rules.” by Gaius Petr…

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