Success, Long Life And Spirituality

I told you I was on a roll!
Here I share the last part of my thoughts on a quality long life.

Genes and the environment you live in are important facets that affect your health, but don’t neglect or belittle the effect YOU have on your health.

You have a 66% chance of trouncing your genes!
Powerful if you use it wisely!!



What can you contribute to your own quality health and long life?

Let’s break that down into 3 parts.

1. Physical – Nutrition and Exercise and other health and wellness practices. Check out my previous post with some great and practical things to help you.

2. Mental – Use that brain! A habit of lifelong learning will serve you extremely well. Be mentally agile and take those challenges! You’ll be better off just by the mere act of taking them.


3. Spiritual – This will generally keep you upbeat and hopeful, expecting great things. That does not mean you abdicate action and thoughts to your higher power – you accept responsibility for your actions, at the same time, you recognise it is not all about you. Everything does not revolve around you and you are accountable to your higher power. For me, that is God.

What it all comes down to is that you can’t have a really successful life if you aren’t healthy. You simply can’t enjoy it, in which case, it isn’t successful.
Success is not just about money – it’s a whole lot more. You want to enjoy your life, connect with people, be significant and relevant to at least some people.


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