Natural Attraction Marketing

You’ve heard all the talk about attraction marketing – it’s the current “fail proof” way to get your leads (prospects, clients)  turn into paying fans. 

The concept is easy and makes a lot of sense, though most will be hard pressed to figure out how to put it in action, so I’ll dive into it and share my thoughts.



What is Natural Attraction Marketing?

If you realize that every interaction we have is a sale of sorts, then look back and see where you get the best results, you’ll come up with a few things.

1. It’s usually a gradual process! Just because the guy likes the gal, if he asked her to marry him the minute he set his eyes on her or even waits till they are on a first date, he’d  most likely find himself left alone at best, slapped if it doesn’t go so well – ouch! The process of dating is how two people “scope” each other out and see if there’s enough there to get into a deeper relationship.  Why would you think that truly successful and sustainable online or offline marketing is any different? If you develop a relationships with your leads and subscribers, they’ll get to know, like and trust you OVER TIME, if you are sure to offer them valuable products and services. A great start is offering free information.

2. Stop selling! By that, I mean stop pushing things unto people that they did not ask for or have any interest in. Online, that’s called SPAM. How do you feel when you have people you hardly know pitching you on your own Facebook wall about some bright shiny object that will make you a millionaire without doing a thing in 7 short days? When you constantly pitch, you turn off people. They won’t believe you and soon tune out for good.


Natural Attraction Marketing


3. Concentrate on offering such great value, it’s a no-brainer for your fans. With natural attraction marketing, you want to offer your clients what they are looking for – you want to put together a great match of what they want with what you have to offer. If you focus on delivering such great products and services for which you have a ready market, you’ve understood how to get those raving fans.They should feel like they are getting such massive value, that it’s cheap at the price you are asking. A side bar here: attempt to solve a very real pain or problem, and the rewards will be directly related to the strength of the pain and the quality of your solution. No guesses for figuring out that if you can solve a huge pain, you can command really high prices. 

Let me leave you with a really important concept you’ll want to digest and use in your business. All things being equal, Marketing is far more important than the product.

You can have a great product – nobody will buy it if they don’t know about it! On the other hand, you can have a so-so product, yet have raving fans because you have a great marketing strategy that gets the product or service known and talked about. Now, this is not to say you can get away with shoddy products – you can’t. The news will spread, your product gets trashed as does your reputation.

What I am saying here is that you do need to pay attention to having a great way to market your product or service in place, a way to introduce them to the audience that is waiting for it to solve the problem they want solved (and not one you think they should have solved – there is a distinction.


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