Goals & Action Steps To Get There

We are coming to the 1/2 year mark of 2013 – its gone by so fast! If you are like millions – probably more like billions, you made some resolutions for the year on December 31.

For starters, I am not a believer in New Year resolutions – why would you think that you can simply flick a switch on an arbitrary date to completely change things around, when you have done nothing about it so far?


If you had a goal to make, say $200,000 for the year, if you are on track, have you made $100,000 yet? If not, then something is not right. Along with setting goals is the planning, then doing.

It is setting reviews to see if you are on track, as well as early warning to show if you have strayed off course. If you don’t have some milestones along the way, you won’t know you have gone down the wrong path until so far down the line, it is torture to turn back and re-do it in a way that will get you to your goal.

The sooner you know you are off-course, the sooner you can correct things and the sooner you can reach that goal!


Creating Goals is free! However, most of what we call goals are really just dreams.

We don’t do anything about it beyond it being a fleeting thought – a kind of “that would be nice”.
It stays there – a wisp that floats away with the next thought – ” what’s for dinner?”, “how am I going to pay the minimum on the credit card bill that’s due tomorrow?” or “where am I going to get the energy to finish the project for my boss in 2 hours?”.

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