Ooops… I Just Ate Arsenic in my Chicken!

How come there is arsenic in chicken?

I’m willing to bet that you didn’t know that there is probably arsenic in chicken? The fact is, arsenic is in our food supply chain. You’ve probably eaten quite a lot of it! It’s in quite a few things, including chicken.

For most who eat regular (non-organic, intense factory raised) chicken in the US, arsenic is actually added to chicken feed, and we have been spun the fairy tale that it was “excreted in the faeces of the chickens” and thus not into our mouths and bodies when we eat chicken for lunch, with absolutely no decent scientific basis for this.
This shadow-boxing around arsenic in chicken feed has been going on for over 60 years.

How did we get to the stage of having arsenic in chicken?

As if you couldn’t guess, it would have to do with profits: getting those chickens nice and fat in the shortest possible time. Well, the arsenic argument went that it gets them larger faster, and controls an important intestinal disease called coccidiosis.

The quest for cheaper and increased bulk in meat production has consequences, and we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Add to all that the chemical and electronic fog we live in. I should know – all those iPhomes, iPads, laptops, microwaves, TV’s etc., come with a cost. We just choose to largely ignore them. There is a cost that will catch your attention sooner or later.

It is flawed thinking to assume that the governmental regulatory agencies will give you cutting edge information to protect you from these kinds of things. 
For one thing, they tend to move very slowly – much slower than your ability to do some basic research and take the appropriate measures.

Don’t use lack of governmental information or directives as an excuse not to take responsibility for a healthier and happier body! Find out more & take your own informed action. If you wait for the FDA and other similar agencies to come out with what is best for you, you have a really long wait, during which time, the consequences may be irreversible. You are your own best advocate and protector.

When you know better, you do better
~ Maya Angelou

 FYI – the chicken feed additive in question is called Roxarsone, manufactured by Pfizer (more accurately, by a subsidiary called Alpharma LLC). The manufactures have agreed to pull the feed off the shelves in the US, but not in other countries unless they are asked to.
Hmmm… where have I heard that before? Cigarette advertising, anyone?
As if the human body is any different in other countries!

What can you do? I know that some things are just a part of the times we live in. There is quite a bit out there to help lower risk.

Arsenic in ChickenFood: Eat as close to organic as you can. You don’t have to eat all organic, but there are some things that have a higher percentage of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and toxins than others.

Chicken is very high on that list, as are most meat and fish. The larger the fish (for example, tuna more so than salmon), the larger the amount of mercury you ingest from them. Sardines are much safer. I love sardines!

Most fruit and vegetable that can be peeled are safer than those where you eat the skin, so you are better off with organic strawberries and tomatoes. Funnily enough, it’s OK to eat conventional asparagus, as it has less pesticides.

Go and do some research! With some very basic information at your fingertips, you can be a lot healthier for longer if you implement them. I just don’t want to eat arsenic in chicken!

Great quality food actually tastes great, I find I only need a smaller amount & I savour and actually taste my food, not inhale it as yet another item on my to-do list.

Supplements: The right ones go a long way to your quest for optimal health and longevity.
I don’t just want to live a long life, I want a HEALTHY long life – mentally, physically and spiritually.
I’d love to have great and sustainable energy levels, improve and support my immune system and detoxify my body from whatever does make its way into it that should not be there. In our toxic soup of a world, this is a key component!

What do I look for in a supplement? I want to know that they are PROVEN to be effective, that they are available for use by my body (bioavailable), and are produced in a reputable facility with quality checks. 

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