Mindset For Success

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought”

You can find numerous variations of this quotation all over the place. The tendency of a lot of people is to dismiss it, and anything that discusses requiring a certain mindset for success, as too “woo woo”. Who cares, especially if it works?

Realize that the wealthy do extraordinary things to get there – and I don’t mean struggling harder than the average person. If they have a certain mindset, and all the ones I speak to have a mindset that is quite different from the average person, wouldn’t you want to to know about it, copy and paste?
Try asking anyone successful you know about the important factors in their success – they will mostly tell you freely, but most are not interested enough to ASK!

What is your reaction when you see that beautiful car, that fabulous home, someone taking a private flight? If it is envy or dismissal, you are so not in the right space! You are effectively taking yourself out of the game before it even began. Your unconscious will not allow you to have those things because you have trashed them! Why would anyone give you a gift if they overheard you belittling it?

Place yourself in a space of gratitude and when you see or hear of something nice (and it does not have to be your taste or anything you want, just that it is really nice) send blessings to the person with it. Those same blessings will come your way soon. You are developing a mindset for success.

A couple of personal examples: I love walking through neighbourhoods and looking at great homes, and I love great cars. I love that people are living their dreams.
I had placed pictures of them on my vision board and continued along my merry way. Some friends thought it was a bit of a joke!
Fast forward a few years – I now have a lovely warm home, and I suddenly realized one day that the car I had was even better than the pic on the vision board (same burgundy color that I love though). And I now have 2 higher end cars, the second I use in summer, courtesy of my network marketing company. It pretty much “just happened”! The effort for all of this was not that much more than anything else I had done. The opportunity was there and I took it.

This is a longer video and post than usual, but is that important. The purpose of this blog is to share the information that will take you to greatness.
I would love to see you all successful – whatever that means for you. What do you think? Leave me a comment below.

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