The Power Of One

Never underestimate the power of one: the ability of a single person – you, to effect change.
This video is meant to stand on its own today – it pretty much says much of what I want to say.

Individuals throughout history have effected massive changes, great inventions and improved services when the odds were against them, the task very daunting, and everyone saying it won’t work. They simply used that as motivation to power ahead.
Think of Martin Luther King, Jr, Marie Curie, Mahatma Ghandi, Thomas Edison, Florence Nightingale, Henry Ford. Go ahead and read their biographies – you will find inspiration and motivation in them, and use their stories as a model in some area of your life.

Sara Blakely is the youngest female billionaire from her invention of Spanx and underwear. Read her story and where an idea and persistence has brought her.
Also Ryan Blair – who had founded SIX multimillion dollar companies by the time he was thirty. According to him, at 19, he had nothing to lose and gave it his all. And read the story of J.K.Rowling – the first billionaire author, moving from rags to multimillionaire status in 5 years.

As a leader, you also have a responsibility to your team – they keep you in business! They will be there to take up the slack that you can’t or won’t do, areas that you may not be your core competence – after all, you can’t do it all. You can’t repair your computer when it malfunctions if you are a marketer – you probably don’t know how, and it is most certainly not the best use of your time.
Nurture your team, engage them in your vision and nurture them. If they cannot see purpose & growth, and can’t engage with you, the leader, they’ll fall away like ice-cream melting in the hot sun.

Most leaders are not born – they are moulded out of the environment they find themselves along with the desire to assume the responsibilities of a leader. It is a skill that you can learn, and well worth it.

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