Your Most Important Asset

Knowing your most important asset in your business allows you to be laser focused on activities that will increase it. That’s what you are after, isn’t it?

So, have you really thought about what your most important asset is?  And do you know how to improve things. Knowing the answer is not sufficient – you’ve gotta do something about it – make it happen!



OK – I hope you’ve got how important it is to build YOUR OWN… list, even if you are a network marketer. Building your own list  does not mean just collecting names. It means communicating frequently  with your client or customer data base. How you do so is up to you and the business you are in. It could be phone, email, social media, chat and SMS, seminars, webinars, podcasts – a whole variety of ways, made simpler by technology. Do’t forget the importance your clients place on direct 1-on-1 contact. This can be by phone or a physical meeting. It may be the last thing they need to become the fan that they could be.

Most Important Asset

How to Build Your Most Important Asset

There are numerous way – let’s break them down into Short, Medium and Long term LIST BUILDING.


Par excellence, this is by Solo-ads. You can get this done fairly quickly and in a more targeted manner than almost all the other methods. First do your homework to determine that the solo ad provider’s database fits with your client profile.


Article marketing, Pay per Click Advertising, SEO Optimization –  these are slower and may be of higher quality. It’s not as  trackable as Solo ads, but definitely has it”s place in getting your brand out there and getting known.


Social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ – the list goes on. Because the audience is broad, it takes a while. Due to the engaging nature of humans that social media caters to,  once they become fans, they are likely to stay with you far longer.

 Social Media and Your Most Important Asset

As you can see, the best approach is to use all three approaches for a rounded out list. Different people will gravitate to different areas, so why not explore them and see which is the best fit for your purposes?


My recommendation is a PROVEN system that allows you to build your business using all three approaches. Check it out here now.