Quotes of the Week

Wow – I’m loving this and it seems you are too! The response to Quotes of the Week has been awesome and encouraging. It started out as an experiment – I’m keeping it going as it seems to be helping you find a focus of reflection and meditation in the busyness (and business) we get engulfed by.

When things look like they are too much, a quote usually turns up that allows me to take a step back and look at the 40 foot view. Things look much better then. I’m getting that you feel the same way about them too, I welcome you sharing your fav’s here.


Quotes of the Week 7

Nobody is an island, y’know! You can’t possibly do it all or know everything. Form a great team around you, where the whole is more than the sum of the parts – you’ll be flying!


 Quotes of the Week 7

Isaac Newton is one of my favourite scientists – in part because of his laws of motion – very simple yet elegant and profound. It says it all. Once you get moving, you’ll generally keep moving. It’s called MOMENTUM! Take action and keep  going – you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve gone when you do look back. 


“A goal properly set is halfway reached.”
~ Zig Ziglar 


Quotes of the Week 7

And here is someone who took MASSIVE ACTION, and honed his craft – not because it was easy, but because he could see how it would lead to what he wanted and his own pot of gold. Was it worth it? Absolutely! So, push through your challenges and be laser focused on your goal.


This week was about not just setting goals, but taking action and doing whatever it takes to get there. As different from all you can do – BIG DIFFERENCE! And along the way, build a great team – the effects are magnetic! 


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