Quotes of the Week

The week started off for us Canadians with Thanksgiving – always a great reminder to give thanks for all that we are and have.

Gratitude is pretty powerful in living healthy and longer lives – there is a lot of research to show the massive advantages of the mind-body connection. It’s called Neuroplasticity – go check it out.
So let’s extrapolate a bit…. you can lead a healthy, long and successful life by being grateful (and kind also). Yes, you still have to do some work and take action, but not as much as most people would imagine – you are laser focused and efficient as well as effective.

If you haven’t read “Think and Grow Rich” – it’s a great place to start. If you’ve read it already and want to dive deeper, you really want to subscribe to my newsletter – it’s on the right side of this – and you’ll get the complete and original work by Napoleon Hill that was where TAGR came from. I’ve got to tell you – it’s even more powerful, and it’s titled “The Law of Success in 16 Lessons”


Quotes of the Week 6


“You have to think anyway, so why not think big.”
~ Donald Trump


“You can build any future you want if you let yourself grow, have faith in your dreams or visions, and become open to new ideas.”
~ John F. Wasik


The last one for the week is not exactly a quote, but a great info graphic to see what happens when What if (your dream) intersects with Why not (it’s possible). Once those two meet, magic occurs! 

Once you have your dream and you know it is possible (your plan) – you’ll be halfway there because you are primed & propelled to take action!


 Quotes of the Week 6


So, here you are at the end of the week – it started with gratitude for where and who you are now, and moved through into having our dreams turn into goals by having a plan and KNOWING it was possible (Hint: It always is!)

So, if you are fed up of the alarm clock life, working all hours with little to show for it, and you know you can live the life of your dreams by having an online business…

>>>>>> You want to head over here pronto! Let’s go.

Have a super weekend! 

Tayo Dee