What Is The Difference Between Purpose and Goals?

What really is the difference between a purpose and a goal?
In this video, I delve into this very topic and help you clarify the differences.
We are talking about purpose here in the broader, deeper sense.

The more complete saying is “The purpose of life is to live with purpose”

Your purpose is a deep-seated “knowing”- a lot of theologians say it is the WHY we are alive. It gives meaning to our life and actions, the REASON we are alive and breathing. We are drawn to it naturally.

Purpose does not conform to being measured – and there is no time limit to fulfilling it. Your purpose is also not subject to change, at least not easily.

Since it is pretty much universal that we want to be happy, it should be fairly obvious that fulfilling your purpose has something to do with happiness.

Goals are specific and can be measured, something you want to achieve. They can be adjusted as required. When your goal is designed to accomplish your purpose, it becomes really powerful. It’s as if the purpose magnetizes the goal towards it, and you are more likely to stick with it and achieve the goal.

You can’t measure the delight you get from teaching a geography class and opening up your students to the world around them (your purpose), but you set a goal to get at least 80% of your class a passing grade in geography at the end of the semester.

Here is a short cut to happiness – Know what your purpose it, then set your goals with that in mind.
That’s Happy!


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