Purpose & Goals 2

I’m exploring the topic of Purpose & Goals further, with some thoughts.
When have a purpose – a WHY, your life has a smoother flow to it, and are and feel successful.
In the example I speak about, it brings out that Purpose is enduring. Expect it to be life-long, and the goals you set are the way to achieve that purpose.

It is clear that, if we say that your Purpose is life-long and innate, it is unlikely to change significantly over time. It is a part of you.
The acorn does not spend any time in worrying what it will become – it has a purpose – to grow into an  oak! That is natural to the acorn, and it see’s no reason to explore and become a redwood or anything else.
As humans, we also have our purpose deep inside of us – it will be evident in our times of quiet and reflection. It will be what comes naturally to us.

Since goals are a means of achieving your Purpose, you will almost certainly have to change or cancel some and institute new ones at some point in time. This may happen several times – persistence and focusing on the Purpose becomes key.

The closer your goal takes you to your purpose, the stronger will be your incentive to get it done. If you want to be sure to set strong goals, ask yourself how far it takes you in fulfilling your purpose?

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