How Quickly Do You Answer Questions?

This is a boots-on-the-ground observation that I’d like to share with you.

How quickly do you answer questions or make decisions in areas you are supposed to be an expert or have sufficient knowledge of?
We are not talking taking quick decisions for the sake of it, but realize that the speed of your decisions or answers is a measure of your expertise and habits. Even if you don’t know or are not sure of the answer, make up your mind briskly one way or the other and move on. This skill leads to respect and is essential in a leader.
You will tend to do things the same way, so why not develop good habits?

If you want to be considered an expert and good at what you do, you will have put in the work, hone your skills until it becomes la no-brainer and almost effortless. That is true expertise.

You will then be a teacher, mentor and expert, providing true value to others, and getting compensated for it.
Time is indeed money – think of it this way – the longer you take to make decisions and/or provide the required answer, the further away the money is moving from you. Shake things up, make up your mind rapidly and move on! You will be respected wherever you go. Nice!


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