Finish The Year Strong – Get Organized!

It’d be nice to have a really clean schedule, with little outstanding by the end of the year.
I doubt there are too many people with that. For the rest of us, how do we deal with it and place things in perspective, and prevent overwhelm?

GET ORGANIZED – the sooner the better. That means starting with a plan, which makes it easier to execute and follow. Not having a plan is a hiding to nowhere.

Broad categories to consider are: Health, Relationships, Family & Friends, Finances, Career, Spiritual, Charity. You can add anything that works for you.
It is OK to kick something off your list – it frees up more mental space and energy for what you have left.

The mere act of having a plan and action steps will more likely get you started on actually resolving the issues and getting to a clean plate. Momentum will carry you forward. A cluttered mind is stressful and unhealthy. You are unlikely to do much very well until your mind is clear and open. Start that process now and see the benefits for yourself!
It will feed into almost all aspects of your life – no more harried looks and short tempers; your health improves, as do relationships. What’s not to like?
Once you’ve cleaned up your schedule, there is now space for the great things to come in without being hampered by the thought of having to deal with stuff from the past. You become far more productive.

Finish the year strong. Procrastination becomes a thing of the past and there are HUGE benefits- yay!

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