Who is your competition?

We are taught to compete from a very young age, however, it is often focussed on other people.
The focus belongs elsewhere, especially if you want to develop high standards and excellence in your chosen field or business.



The only person you can do anything about is YOU!
If you want to reach a high standard, set targets for yourself, higher each time. That is how to get better, not by comparing yourself to other people.

Excellence is a result of Self Discipline and raising your own standards , NOT through being in competition with others.

When you put that into practise in your business like that, you’ll stand out – you are not focused on negative tactics against other people in your field. You are focused on your own efforts moving you forward.
Steve Jobs was focused on making Apple products the best they could be, even when it seemed a pipe dream to his closest advisers. He was focussing on things like the fonts in documents, at a time when other manufactures were focused on churning out PC’s with little added value. He got fired from his own company before he came back later when it was recognized that, even when they had low market share, their products were distinctive and appealed to those who valued a certain quality in computers and software. They are now the largest publicly traded company by market capitalization in the world! Larger than Google and Microsoft combined! Who would have guessed that 10 years ago?
Athletes hone their skills by focused practice on their own – kicking that ball further, hitting the bullseye and more often, throwing the javelin further, running faster than the last time: that is against themselves first before they move into more formal arenas.

Start by raising your own standards – it really is the only way to Excellence!


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