Success Leaves Clues

I want to share today why I started this blog. In the process of sharing, it gives me further insights into myself, my motives and what I do, and helps my continue to grow!

I am a life-long learner and do-er, so pretty much anything that takes me to a higher plane of evolving, I will look into. I love helping people – have done all my life, and this affords me an opportunity to help many more people.

You’ll see the shaky start from the first blog post, then the first video – I’m hoping to share this part of my success journey in the online world to illustrate how I got to where I am and what I do to take me to my new goals.

Offline or online, there are some common elements to success – they don’t really change. How they are applied will vary from one person to the other. Once you know what the essentials are, you can personalize it to suit you.

It’s a bit like cooking, which I enjoy. I used to think making a risotto was difficult. Then I found a lovely picture (I’m very visual – prefer cookbooks with pics) of a risotto dish, and made it exactly as it described. As I made it the first time, I noticed there were certain points that could not be messed with, others could be adjusted a little or a lot. The next time I made it with a change in veggies.

By the third time, I was winging it, I had grown in confidence to make it without a recipe by my side and got great compliments all the way to Peru!
Someone in Peru had heard of my risotto long before they met me! I had now adapted a successful risotto recipe to suit me!
I did not have to start by making it all up – I had a great picture with the recipe to start off with. I then followed the recipe exactly, which showed me where I could adapt it to suit me better. If you follow that simple principle, you’ll be fine.

It all goes back to knowing what your goal is, and getting a mentor or coach to shorten the process – LEVERAGE!

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