Storytelling And Business

What has storytelling and business got to do with each other? How do you engage with your audience – especially for your business?
Most people have a business persona, which is stiffer and more reserved than they are in normal life.
However, if there is anything that the massive popularity of social media and the Millennials are teaching us, it is that there is little, if any, separation between your different spheres of activity, be it business or personal. Your customers/clients want to know that you are a person with feelings. They want to see if they can relate to you.

What better way to engage with people and let them know who you are by telling them the story, the surroundings of what you are doing? It’s like painting a picture. Of course, don’t make things up or stretch things to impress. Be authentic and truthful, and tell your story to  suit the situation.

By telling the story of your business properly, you have engaged several senses of your audience at the same time: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (your gestures). We all fall into one of these three categories, or a mixture of them. Most people are largely visual, but a significant number belong to the other groups – why would you want to leave them out?

I have to tell you – anytime I have told my story and the motivation behind it, the people I have spoken to have a far deeper understanding than when I leave it out. I used to think that it was not relevant and maybe even sappy to do so – not any longer! My presentations are now built with my story as a core feature, and we are having major successes from it.

What do you think? Try it out and let me know how it goes!


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