Persistence Will Change Your Life

You hear all the talk about persistence, and wonder. Sounds like a great idea, but is it really that important?
Let’s put it like this: if you have a goal, something that is big enough to both scare and excite you, accompanied by a burning desire, a definiteness of purpose to achieve that goal, persistence will change your life!
If you have set your goal properly, the goal itself will be life changing, so the attainment of that goal will be life changing for you.

Persistence becomes important when you are well into the project or goal, and the initial enthusiasm has dulled. We all know how that feels – you can hardly find the adrenaline to keep going & you are beginning to wonder what you got yourself into, and if it is worth all the hard work you are having to do after all.

That is when you need to refocus on exactly WHY you are doing whatever it is, and dig into your inner reserves to keep going. If you have a burning desire, a compelling reason, that is what pulls you toward your goal. As I have shared in a previous post, this stimulus can be either a pleasurable or a painful one.
Hint: painful stimuli are far stronger, so find a “avoidance of pain” reason why you must achieve that goal.
As part of your goal, you will already have plan of action, which should be in stages – like rungs of a ladder. Since you have already got some distance from the start, think of it as another rung on the ladder of success, and use the fact that you have got off the bottom rung as evidence that you can climb all the way, and it will be worth it.

You also need to “burn your bridges” – cut off all the escape routes that will allow you to go back or stop you from moving forward. That means you must persist and find a way to make it to your goal!
If you want something extraordinary, you’ll need to do extraordinary things.
Persistence is key: it will be worth it.


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