On Being Motivated, Innovative And Wealthy

Here is my take on what Peter Diamandis of Singularity University has to say on the importance of innovation.
He was talking about the importance of innovation as it relates to the growth of the technology industry, mostly through the activities of entrepreneurs.
I think we can apply innovation and entrepreneurialism to just about any growth-oriented and progressive field.

Amongst other things, I’m a healthcare professional and entrepreneur. Being a true entrepreneur requires me to innovate and Peter outlines what motivates us.


1. Curiosity – The kernel of the idea starts from a curiosity about how you can make things better, whether it is bigger, smaller, thinner, faster or whatever will make things better. Or simply because you can make a difference somehow.

2. Fear – this one is a no-brainer. As humans, we do our best when we are moving away from pain. It is a powerful motivator. You want to prevent your family, friends, a group or community from suffering and pain.

3. Wealth Creation – When you help people solve problems, you are providing value, and you’ll get rewarded in proportion to the solution. If you provide a great solution, you’ll get more than a partial solution. And with the solution comes the exchange of the value you provided as money and the opportunity to create real wealth. Find a deep pain and provide a solution!

4. Quest of Significance – At our core, we wish to be recognized, to do something that matters to those we like and love. It becomes even more compelling when we do something that matters for people you don’t even know and may never meet. You can scale it up any way you want, but realize that making a difference to one person is significance.


Go on, go out there and INNOVATE – Wealth & Significance will follow, as surely as night follows day.

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