Not Just Any Old Habit – Good Habits

Yes, it’s important to form habits – that is what will get things done and lead you to mastery.
Thing is: not all habits are equal. You want to form good habits, but if what you are repeating is not fundamentally sound, you may well be forming not-so-good habits.

How would you tell the difference?
Good habits will tend to make you feel accomplished on a medium and longer term timeframe than a poor habit.
Bad habits are usually based on instant gratification. Remember those midnight snacking habits? They made you feel great at the time, but eventually, you did not feel all that great, maybe because of eventual health issues that you could pretty much trace back to that habit and time.

We are constantly evolving, and if you stay aware of what you do, it’ll be fairly easy to tell a good from a poor habit. Almost all habits with a forbidden fruit element are poor ones.

Exercising may start off being a bit tough, but done frequently enough, becomes a habit and hopefully, the results are the motivation for keeping the habit, which is why you need to look at the longer term.

I hardly did any exercise when I was younger – I did not look like I needed it (great genes and reasonable eating habits amongst other things), but I certainly could not be described as fit. Then I decided I wanted to get fit.
If there was an easy way, you can trust me on this: I would have found it. There isn’t any!

These days, I aim to do at least 14 miles a week – doing something every day works better for me, especially time-wise. And I have never felt better! That is what my encouragement is when I don’t particularly feel like it. Plus there is a lot of research that points to a shrinking brain (physically and functionally) with increasing weight. That is enough for me to stick to my exercise and lifestyle eating plan.

Find a strong reason to form a good habit. Those reasons should also be able to get you back on track should you stray a bit. The longterm benefits of your good habits will be self evident.

“Good Habits are as addictive as bad habits, and a lot more rewarding” ~ Harvey MacKay.


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