Millionaire Or Victim?

If I asked you right now to say whether you have a millionaire or victim mindset, I’m willing to bet that most will say they have a millionaire one.
What some are probably doing is confusing the (very superficial desire) for money with an abundance mindset.
I’ve been receiving quite a few begging letters – even more at this time of the year. It never fails to amaze me that someone thinks I or anyone else, for that matter, can wave a magic wand, and all their problems will be solved.
What do you wish to achieve by begging? Offering nothing but wanting everything? Hmmm…..

Having a poor-me and needy attitude and/or an entitlement mentality will just take you deeper into the quicksand of your life. The only way to get out of quicksand is to stay still first and then slowly get out. The more you struggle, the quicker you sink!

It goes back to basics – taking responsibility for wherever you happen to be in life – good and bad. If you can take responsibility for the bad, you will realize that you can make good happen.

Get creating!

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