How To Start Your Business – Deep Or Wide?

You’ve made a decision – you want to start a business…. 

Then you start your research – the what and how especially.
What started with hope and enthusiasm is at risk of grinding to a screeching halt under the avalanche of information you have amassed.



You are firmly convinced your idea is unique, and no-one can quite put it together for you, plus, you don’t have deep enough pockets (yet!) to pay for the kind of help you feel you need.

Patience my friend! Help is at hand.
Let’s step back a minute….


Seafood dessert? I think not, but then, this is recorded with no editing, and you were getting the benefit of my unedited thoughts at the time.
The message tone in the background is just real life – I have a whole raft of things to attend to as well.

You do need to look at BOTH the deep and wide: you need to have a context for whatever business you will be involved in AND you need to have something unique – something special that differentiates you from other people in the same general arena, otherwise you’ll simply be competing on price, and that is a mugs game – there is always someone out there who will underbid you!

Start today – get organized and things are more likely to work out the way you want!
If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to answer them!

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