How To Set A Successful Goal

By now, you know how important it is to have something to aim for, a goal or goals.
In the process of setting the goals, it is easy to hit overwhelm with all the information out there.
Me? I LOVE simple and practical – something you can start RIGHT NOW, and won’t cost you a fortune either.

Now for how to set a successful goal!

I hope you’ve have a pen and paper handy and are taking notes.

1. Keep things SIMPLE: Start with a single goal, especially if you haven’t been through a goal setting process before. If you tell someone about it, can they understand it? Within 10 seconds? If not, back to the drawing board – and simplify!


2. Be SPECIFIC: Think about what you need to do and convert that into your goal. Lets say your major goal is to get out of debt. You’ve identified your credit card debt as the main component. How are you going to get rid of it? Your goals are really action steps. Example:
* Make a weekly budget and spend cash only.
* Don’t pay any bank charges on ATM withdrawals
* Pay it down by $25 per week by eliminating that daily expensive coffee shop drink or two.
* Reduce eating out and deliveries to a max of 3 per week (this includes all meals and snacks).
If you want to be really proactive and have an entrepreneurial mindset, start thinking of ways to bring in additional income – short and long term. They could be taking on extra hours, making some money from that hobby of yours, learn a new skill that you can monetize.


3. You’ll need to give up something to REPLACE your new habit or goal. In getting out of debt as discussed in step 2, you’ve stopped using the credit card and started paying with cash only. You’ve dropped the expensive coffee shop and take out/delivery habit and started eating more home-made coffee & food. If you replace old non-productive habits with new ones, you can actually “feel” things getting better.


4. Focus on your STRENGTHS: Within your goal, there will be something you do very well. How about doing more of that? You may be a great photographer – how about finding out how to earn some extra $$$ from it – stock pictures online, friends celebrations, where for a small fee, they get a unique keepsake? You are great at web design – join some outsourcing outfit? There is always something you can do and think of monetizing. The other things you need bit are not great at, you outsource – you can trade it for your talents too!


5. Be GRATEFUL: I came across this phrase which I love “When you appreciate the good, the good appreciates”. Never underestimate the power of gratitude. You become a calmer, centred person. In giving, you will attract what you need.

Once you have your goal, COMMIT and start with something straight away – this very moment! Don’t wait for some day in the future – if it really is that important to you, you’ll START NOW.

What is your major goal – and your action steps? Leave a comment below.


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