Create Your OWN Life!

Are you subconsciously giving away the power to be the architect of your own life and success?
If you do not consciously decide to create your life, it will be crafted by someone else.
From Jim Rohn:
If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.



The reptilian part of our brain (in the region of the base of the skull) still thinks we are are early in the evolutionary process – its chief function is to protect us. That means not taking chances, keeping things the way they are, keeping us comfortable. Our higher brain, which is further along in evolution, requires much more – that we live life to the fullest. Not just to survive, but thrive: live, love, enjoy it all!
We are in a constant battle against our survival mode brain – which is where keeping things the way they are comes from. But if we don’t step out of that comfort zone, we don’t achieve anything – we’ll go the way of the dinosaur – extinct from not adapting and pushing frontiers.

Realize when you have an inspiration, your subconscious may be presenting you with an opportunity – wait a few seconds and your reptilian brain steps in to quash the idea – to hard, too far, too tedious, too expensive or whatever else it can come up with. If you are alert to this, DO SOMETHING within the first few seconds of an idea to keep things moving – write it down, and a time by which you will start. The planning comes later.


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