You Are Wonderful!

Today, I want to direct a special message from me to you: YOU ARE WONDERFUL!
I mean that in every way – the whole of you is a magnificent creation – nobody will ever be like you – there was none like you before and there won’t be anyone like you later. See how unique you are?


I decided to share this special reminder with you, as we all get lost in “stuff”, daily living and whatever else comes to mind.
Have you taken time to appreciate yourself lately? To really look at things and say (and mean it). To say……

“I am wonderful, I am unique and I have the capacity to do whatever it is I want to do.”

These are not just words – ask any successful person you know – somewhere inside, they just KNEW that they could become whatever they wanted. Not in a desperate, grasping kind of way. More like a matter of fact way. They knew they had the CAPACITY and simply walked towards it, while staying in the present.

You Are WonderfulDid you know that Einstein worked on the Theory of Relativity part-time? He knew it could be solved, but needed a daytime job! Napoleon Hill took 20 years, give or take, of research to come up with “Think and Grow Rich” with no income assurances at the end of all that work?

Or Andre Agassi, who seemed to be going nowhere for a while, but had such belief in his capacity and did not allow it to faze him. He said something like – “I’m #1 in tennis: the rest of the world just hasn’t caught up with me yet.” 

How about taking a leaf and modelling that – you are just peachy where you are now – and have the capacity to get to your goal. Simple really 😎

You are wonderful just as you are – even if the world has not caught up with you yet! And you have immense capacity.

Just yesterday, I wrote this note: 

EVERYTHING you need is inside you. Use whatever you have now to get to where you see yourself.


You are WonderfulWe are coming to the holiday season – make sure you have some good cheer for you first, THEN you have something to share with others. And if those goals have not been reached  yet? That’s OK, you have the capacity to do so – keep going!

Pick up the awesome manuscript by Napoleon Hill that I unearthed for you – it shares 16 Success Principles, which really ends up being about you.